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Pop of Color Box

Pop of Color Box

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Color: White

Product Description

Assorted Potted Foliage 

Transform your space with Mother Nature's palette. This fool-proof, limited edition bundle is designed to bring the lively cheerful vibes of nature inside with two vibrant, colorful houseplants paired with our best-selling planters. 

  • 1x Red Prayer Plant
  • 1x Tradescantia Nanouk

Cultivated with precision by our expert growers, each box guarantees top-tier quality and an instant pop of lively charm. Each box includes: 2 plants in four-inch nursery pots, 2 ceramic planters (5" diameter), 2 bags of Rooted’s all-purpose potting mix, and 2 small moisture meters.

  • Each bag of potting mix contains enough soil to re-pot a small plant in any 5-7" planter (1.7L of soil volume).

    Medium to bright indirect light.

    Pro-tip: Once your plants arrive in the mail, wait about a week before repotting with the soil provided to allow the plants a smooth transition into their new home.

    Growing Guide

    • Plant care level Care level: No sweat
    • Plant light recommendation Light: Medium
    • Not pet friendly
    • Water: Once a week
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