Our Story

We firmly believe in the positive mental, emotional and physical health benefits associated with having greenery in your space.

Why we started a plant business

When we first moved to New York, we felt disconnected from the lush environments we were so used to in California and Hawaii, having instead replaced it with this urban jungle we also know and love. Buying plants for our space helped fill that void.

We started Rooted in 2018 to reconnect people to nature. Plants aren’t just beautiful things that make our spaces look and feel great, they’ve been scientifically proven to better your health and happiness as well.

The entire process was difficult to say the least. Finding plants was one thing, but getting them home another, and taking care of them? Nearly impossible at first.

That’s why we decided to create a one-stop shop that would make the plant-buying experience more fun, convenient and accessible in the most sustainable way possible.

We got our start by throwing what we liked to call “plant parties” out of our Brooklyn apartment, and personally delivering plants by hand.

By 2020, we had learned tremendously from two years spent getting dirty in the industry and having opened three stores across NYC.

But we're still learning

Since then, some things have changed.

We no longer have a retail location and have since moved 100% of our services online, but thousands of happy customers later, we’re psyched to be providing you with the service that we do: affordable plants homegrown at our greenhouse, shipped free, along with fresh, educational content to guide you on your journey.

We'll probably make some mistakes along the way, but we'll apologize profusely, learn from them, and do better. We promise to put you first and continuously work towards our mission in reconnecting you to nature.

Here's to greener thumbs, greener minds, and a greener world.

— Ryan and Kay