DIY Potting Kit Bundle Rooted Gabriel Graphite

This curated kit has everything you need to give the gift that keeps on growing, and now it's more customizable than ever. First, take your pick from three of our best-selling, pet-friendly plants: Gabriel, Drake, or Jane (size SM). Then, choose from three colors of our timeless Terracotta Perfetto Cache Pot: Graphite, Terracotta, or Blush. Each box comes with our Organic Potting Mix and Lava Rocks. Gift a plant and grow it too—or treat yourself, we don't judge.

Care instructions included in each box.

Find the right plant for you

From rare plants to low-maintenance beginner bundles, we've got a little something for everyone. Shop something for that special someone or just for yourself. We don't judge.

Image of model holding a Rooted houseplant in front of a bookshelf

14-Day Guarantee

We guarantee healthy plants on arrival. If they're significantly damaged* or die within 14 days of arrival, we'll replace them—no questions asked. Send photos to and we'll get you sorted.

Autumn plant hacks

A person examining their plant's roots as they prepare to repot. They are surrounded by plants, a head-shaped pot, a green ceramic pot, and potting soil.

How to Prevent Root Rot

Root rot is a gnarly disease that will quickly kill your plants. The cause? Overwatering, of course. It can either occur when the roots "drown", or have a lack of oxygen, or when certain fungal or bacteria grow from over-moist conditions. It's the...

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A monstera and anthurium in dramatic lighting.

How to Treat Leaf Spot

What is leaf spot, and how can I identify it? Leaf spot is a common fungal or bacterial infection that plagues houseplants. It causes unwanted brown spotting, sometimes accompanied by a yellow or reddish halo, that can spread like wildfire from le...

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The silhouette of a potted snake plant in a window that overlooks greenery and grass.

How to Treat & Prevent Fungus + Mold

When you're going through the fridge and notice moldy items, more often than not, they're going to go straight into the trash. So, do we make the same call when we see a houseplant with moldy soil? How about mushrooms? The short answer is no, don'...

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