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Bamboo Palm

Bamboo Palm

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Product Description

Areca Palm

This popular palm earned its nickname due to its graceful fronds that grow atop yellow-green, stalk-like trunks, reminiscent of true bamboo. Thriving in bright, indirect light, this low-maintenance beauty purifies the air, adding both style and wellness to your home. It's like having a tiny vacation spot in the comfort of your living room.

LG: ~3-4' tall and a 10" pot.

Pro-tip: A humid environment encourages lush, vibrant growth. Mist the plant daily or keep a humidifier nearby.

Note: Eco stone pots are sustainably-designed planters crafted from recycled materials and natural stone. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Growing Guide

  • Plant care level Care level: No sweat
  • Light: High
  • Pet friendly
  • Water: Once a week
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