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Pink Tillandsia Bromeliad

Pink Tillandsia Bromeliad

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Product Description

Tillandsia bromeliad

This captivating plant is a living masterpiece. Its striking, vibrant bloom and lush outward growth demand attention and elevate any space. Durable and low-maintenance, each leaf will transport you to a tropical headspace.

Bromeliads bloom for 3-6 months. When the flower dies, cut the stem to encourage pups to grow at the plant's base.

SM: 15-17" tall and a 5" pot.

Pro-tip: Avoid using tap water, as this can negatively impact bloom time and discolor leaves.

Growing Guide

  • Plant care level Care level: No sweat
  • Light: High
  • Pet friendly
  • Water: Once a week
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In the (very) rare case you receive a damaged plant, our 14-day guarantee has you covered. We send replacements right away, and also share tips on how to revive any damaged foliage!