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Hoya 'Macrophylla'

Hoya 'Macrophylla'

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Hoya 'Macrophylla'

This rare and unique hoya sports white variegation along the outer edge and patches of creamy pink. It has the ability to bloom fragrant, star-shaped flower clusters in the summer, as long as it receives proper upkeep.

Bright indirect sunlight. Some direct light is okay.

SM: ~6-8" long and a 4" pot.

Pro-tip: Train your hoya to climb by tying it to or looping it gently around a nearby surface or object.

Note: Bundled options come with one 5" wide ceramic pot and one bag of custom-blended, organic potting mix.

  • Plant care level No sweat
  • High
  • Pet friendly
  • Twice a month
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