DIY Monstrose Cactus Kit

$60 $62

Get your hands dirty with this bundle including:

  1. One bare-root cactus cutting (in 1FT or 2FT)
  2. One 8" Terracotta Planter
  3. Two bags of our custom Arid Potting Mix
  4. One bag of our Lava Rocks

Please note that this product is NOT pre-potted. Check out our tips for planting cacti here. Open your cactus package with caution (and gloves). Don't get pricked!

Looking for this cactus bare-root in 1FT to 3FT sizes? Shop Monstrose Cactus.

Pro-tip: Place in front of a window for best results, preferably with southern or western exposure.

  • Pretty chill
  • Direct sun
  • Toxic to pets
  • Once a month

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