Basil 4-Pack


Common Basil
Ocimum basilicum

One of the most commonly grown and versatile herbs, basil can be paired with pretty much anything, whether it's a Margherita or a margarita. 

Sunlight:Direct sunlight 4-6 hours/day (indoor) or partial shade (outdoor).

Water:Keep consistently moist and let water drain thoroughly.

Pets:Safe for pets. Go ahead and add some flavor to their meals too.

Grows:Plant new batches every 2-3 weeks to keep supply going all summer long.

Gifts:Its leaves are good for pesto, as a salad garnish, or in cocktails.

Pro-tip: If you're using grow lights, make sure they are full-spectrum. If basil only receives red and blue wavelengths of light, they won't generate the oils that make their scent and taste.