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Spiral Cactus

Spiral Cactus

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  • Plant care level No sweat
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  • Not pet friendly
  • Once a month

Cereus Forbesii 'Spiralis'

Add a twist to your collection with this rare and far-out find. Prized for its natural spiral adaptation to optimize sunlight, this sun-loving cactus is perfect for anyone looking for easy greenery.

Comes in two sizes: half foot are approximately 8 inches, and full foot are approximately 12-14 inches, both measured from base to tip.

Pro-tip: Place in front of a window for best results, preferably with southern or western exposure.

Please note that this cactus is a cutting, sold bare-root. Check out our cactus potting guide here.

Open your cactus package with caution. Don't get pricked!

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