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Begonia 'Red Robin'

Begonia 'Red Robin'

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Begonia rex 'Red Robin'

Homegrown in our Florida greenhouse, this rare begonia features brilliant red foliage with a darkened, crinkled edge. The dark splash in the center adds a dramatic flair to its already-striking appearance.

Medium to bright indirect light.

SM: ~8"-10" tall and a 4" pot.

Pro-tip: Keep humidity levels high to prevent dry or brown edges.

All options with planters and soil include one ceramic pot and one bag of our custom blended, organic potting mix.

Note: Bundled options come with one 5" wide ceramic pot and one bag of custom-blended, organic potting mix.

  • Plant care level Pretty chill
  • Plant light recommendation Medium
  • Not pet friendly
  • Once a week
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