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Beginner’s Duo

Beginner’s Duo

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Product Description

Beginner’s Duo

Embark on your plant journey with confidence! Perfectly tailored for budding plant enthusiasts, this duo offers an easy introduction to plant parenthood. These low-maintenance plants require minimal care, ensuring a rewarding experience for beginners.

What's inside:

Low to bright indirect light. No direct sun.

Pro-tip: Water when the soil is nearly dry. The philodendron may need more attention in the summer and leaves will droop if thirsty.

Growing Guide

  • Plant care level Care level: No sweat
  • Plant light recommendation Light: Medium
  • Not pet friendly
  • Water: Once a week
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Risk-Free Guarantee

In the (very) rare case you receive a damaged plant, our 14-day guarantee has you covered. We send replacements right away, and also share tips on how to revive any damaged foliage!