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Anthurium 'White Flamingo'

Anthurium 'White Flamingo'

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Anthurium scherzerianum

This anthurium has beautiful, white, heart-shaped "flowers" which are actually morphed leaves called spathes. Anthurium spathes are brightly colored to attract pollinators to the spadix (the flower spikes in the middle). It's fairly low-maintenance, and blooms can last for 2-3 months in the right conditions.

Medium to high indirect light. Direct light will burn its leaves.

MD: ~18" tall and a 6" pot.

Pro-tip: The higher your light, the brighter the bloom. If it stops blooming altogether, it needs to be moved to higher light.

Note: Bundled options come with one 7" wide ceramic pot and two bags of custom-blended, organic potting mix.

  • Plant care level No sweat
  • High
  • Not pet friendly
  • Once a week
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