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How to Water Your House Plants

A plastic, toy gnome carrying a red watering can next to a real succulent on a windowsill.

Water keeps life going. As you (hopefully) already know, this is especially true for your houseplants. Here are three simple steps to properly quench your plant’s thirst.

  1. Finger. Stick your finger about two inches deep into the soil. If it feels moist and dirt sticks to your finger, you can skip watering for now. Repeat this process every couple of days until it feels fully dry and your finger comes out lookin’ clean and dirt-free. 
  2. Pour. Pour room temperature water around the base of your plant in slow circular motions. Do this until the soil is fully saturated and water leaks out of its drainage hole.
  3. Dump. Make sure to dump any excess water out from the saucer to prevent root rot. Ain’t no plant out there that’ll survive with soggy roots.

And that’s how it’s done. *cue mic drop*

Check out our video if you’d prefer to see how it’s done.
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