Rosemary 4-Pack


Common Rosemary
Rosmarinus officinalis

Like the snake plant of herbs. They're low-maintenance, can survive indoors throughout winter, and live pest-free. Younger stems and leaves have a fresher taste, but make sure to only harvest a third of the plant at a time. 

Sunlight:Direct sunlight 6-8 hours/day (indoor) or full sun (outdoor).

Water:Let soil dry out between waterings.

Pets:Safe for pets. Go ahead and add some flavor to their meals too.

Grows:Slower growing than others, so grab a few if you want a constant supply available.

Gifts:With focaccia, potato salad, grilled chicken, infused in olive oil...shall we go on?

Pro-tip: Place a few harvested stems in your olive oil to infuse the flavor. Break this out during a BBQ and hear the compliments pour in. You're welcome.