Golden Pothos
Epipremnum aureum

Not all Oscars are grouches. In fact, he's one of the most laid-back and straightforward houseplants out there. When he's thirsty, his leaves look droopy and start curling. When he gets brown spots, he's telling you he needs more light.

Low to bright indirect light. Direct light will burn his leaves.

SM: ~8" tall and a 4" pot.
MD: ~14" tall and a 6" pot.
LG: foliage ~1-2' long and a 8" pot.

Pro-tip: To propagate, cut a piece at least 6″ long and place in water in bright light. Roots will grow in a week. Text us at 646-430-8699 for tips!

  • No sweat
  • No direct sun
  • Toxic to pets
  • Every week

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