Thyme 4-Pack


Garden Thyme
Thymus vulgaris

An easy growing partner alongside rosemary, as they share similarities in care, growing styles, and sunlight needs. If you get them both, you'll already be 40% there to your very own Herbs de Provence seasoning.

Sunlight:Direct sunlight 6-8 hours/day (indoor) or full sun (outdoor).

Water:Let soil dry out between waterings.

Pets:Safe for pets. Go ahead and add some flavor to their meals too.

Grows:Slower growing than others, so grab a few if you want a constant supply available.

Gifts:With roasted sweet potatoes, grilled lamb, pan-fried sea bass, you narootednycme it.

Pro-tip: An easy way to separate leaves after harvest is to pinch the stem near its tip, then run your fingers down the length of the stem, from top to bottom.