DIY Cactus Kit


This curated kit includes one bare-root Peruvian Apple Cactus cutting (available in 1-foot and 2-foot sizes), plus one 8" Standard Terracotta Planter with Tray, two 1-quart bags of Organic Potting Mix, and one 1-quart bag of Lava Rocks.

Bright indirect or direct light.

Pro-tip: Place in front of a window for best results, preferably with southern or western exposure. Text us at 646-430-8699 for tips!

Please note that this cactus cutting is not pre-potted. Check out our tips for planting cacti hereLooking for bare-root cacti up to 3 feet tall? Shop Adam (Peruvian Apple Cactus).

Open your cactus package with caution (and gloves). Don't get pricked!

This kit ships for a flat rate of $10.

  • Pretty chill
  • Survives in all light
  • Pet-friendly
  • Every week

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