Why Terracotta Reigns Supreme

Various houseplants in terracotta planters on stands with beige background

We get it. With so many pot options out there, it can be difficult to make a choice. Let us choose for you: Terracotta is your best bet. Here’s why.

Terracotta is simply clay and water, formed into pottery and baked in a kiln. The word literally means "baked earth". It has been used in crafts by various indigenous cultures for centuries, dating back to prehistoric times. It is a natural, lightweight material, and that's why it's perfect for our plants.

Because of its porous nature, terracotta absorbs excess water and allows for optimal oxygen flow through the walls of the pot. This not only promotes plant health by limiting mold and fungus growth, but also prevents the risk of root rot caused by overwatering.

If you ask us, this ancient art is the way to go. The minimilast, natural look of terracotta will fit into any aesthetic. Plus, it won’t break the bank. 

Give your plants a home worth rooting for. 

Various plants and terracotta pots


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