Tips for the Traveling Plant Parent

Potted plants pictured with trailing plants in the background

You deserve a vacation just as much as your plants deserve a chance at a long, happy life. But how can you indulge in much needed relaxation away from home without leaving them to die? Here are some tips so you can still see the world without worrying about killing your plants.

Water before you leave. Let your plants dry out, and then give them all a good soak before leaving to reduce the risk of them totally drying out while you're away.

Crack the window. Good air circulation is very important for your plants, especially when they may be facing a few days of neglect. Just like us, they need to breathe to function, so avoid keeping them in stuffy conditions.

    Rearrange. Move plants away from your window. Minimizing sunlight intake will help the plants retain moisture and avoid burning or drying out quickly. Windows should be open for optimal air circulation.

    Use self-watering planters or slow-feeders. The use of self-watering planters or slow-feeders, such as terracotta watering spikes or glass watering bulbs, can really take the worry of your shoulders. Self-watering planters store water to slowly release back to the plant as needed. Slow-feeders do more or less the same, releasing moisture into the soil when the plant is ready for it.

    All together now. Group your tropicals and place humidity trays around them. Trays filled with water are a great alternative to keeping a humidifier running. You can read more about keeping humidity levels high for tropical plants here.

    So, there you have it. As long as you plan ahead, you can travel as much as you'd like, and still own plants. Go on that backpacking trip, go surf the seven seas, or just sit on Miami Beach sipping on tequila sunrises. Whatever soothes your soul as much as your little home oasis does, go do it. Your plants are strong, and will still be standing when you go home.

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