How to Coexist with Plants and Pets

Orange cat pictured with a tropical houseplant by a window

Keeping houseplants and raising fur babies is the new norm, so naturally, we get this question a lot: "How can I satisfy my plant addiction if I'm constantly worried about the well-being of my foliage? Erm... I meant my pets!"

As plant and pet parents ourselves, we totally get your concern. Luckily, our experts were willing to share these pro-tips.

Understand your pets’ habits.

Dog sitting on white bed surrounded by houseplants

The truth is, some pets have zero interest in what you’ve got growin’ on. Small dogs can’t reach elevated plants, and lazy cats are… lazy. If you’re not sure whether or not your pet will be interested in your plants, try a pet-friendly one to test out the waters. If they leave it alone, it’s probably safe to expand your collection. If they start munching, rethink your strategy.

Use vertical space to your advantage. 

If the floor is not a safe option for your situation, look to the ceiling! Hang plants from your curtain rod or install ceiling hooks. Floating shelves and tall cabinets are all great ways to add greenery to your space while ensuring the safety of your pets (and plants).

Bitter Apple Spray.

This stuff is liquid gold for the pet and plant parent. Just spray the outside and rims of your pots with bitter apple spray, and trust us, your furry friends will hate it and lose interest in your foliage quickly. Alternatively, you can use a concoction of water, chili pepper and lemon juice to deter them–just keep in mind that too much chili can upset tummies for any animal, so if you think they'll go for it anyway, stick to our other suggestions.

Cats Love Grass.

Got a serial muncher? How about a plant that’s meant to be munched? Offering a feline cat grass is a great way to distract them from your other plants, and it even has health benefits. Place a plant within reach, and your cats will redirect their nibbling behavior to a healthy outlet.

Consolidate your plants in one room or corner. 

Already have a room or area that’s off-limits to your pets? Why not make that your houseplant oasis? Any pet-free space offers a great opportunity to get a little crazy with plants. 

Exclusively collect non-toxic plants. 

If you know your pet is going to get curious, munch, and possibly consume a plant, don’t risk it. If you’ve got a chewer on your hands, it’s best to stick with 100% non-toxic plants. Lucky for you, we have a wide range of options available in our pet-friendly collection!

Follow these tips, and you can build the pet-safe jungle of your dreams. Always practice caution when introducing potentially harmful plants to your space, and if you do catch Fido chomping down, contact your vet immediately. Depending on the plant and amount ingested, your pet will probably be fine, but it's never worth the risk of waiting to find out. 

Not sure if your plant is toxic? Text a photo to our email at or head to our Plantopedia to find out.

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