Eco-friendly Plant Hacks: Repurposing Food Scraps

Man cooking in kitchen surrounded by herbs and potted plants

Living sustainably is easier than you think. In fact, most of the items that we’d typically trash can be repurposed to optimize plant health. Here are some hacks so you can stop tossing common food scraps, and put them to good use to encourage flourishing growth:

☕️ Coffee grounds & tea leaves. Add used coffee grounds or tea leaves to your top soil or blend into potting mixes for a nitrogen boost.

🍌 Banana peels. Boil your banana peels or chop them into small pieces to add to soil. This will increase potassium levels.

🥚 Egg or oyster shells. Crush the shells or use the water you boiled them in to enhance your plants' calcium intake.

🍊 Citrus peels. Rub citrus peels along the sides of your pots, or add to the top soil to deter your pets’ interest in plants.

🥜 Nut shells. Add nut shells to your potting mix to mimic mulch, which helps with moisture retention and adds aeration to heavy soils.

🥗 Veggie cooking water. Allow water to cool, and use on watering day to stimulate natural nutrient absorption

Being conscious about waste reduction is a simple way to help our Earth, so we hope you put these tips to use and pass them along. If everyone loved the planet as much as they love their plants (and food), we could all live in a healthier world. Curious if a food scrap not listed can be put to use? Send an email to us at and we'll let you know.


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