3 Pro-Tips for Saving Space

Short on space? Check out our three pro-tips for creating an urban jungle when your living space is scarce.

Go vertical.

Running out of floor and windowsill space? Install floating shelves or get some wall planters. Trailing plants and hanging planters are not only a great combo, but are the best way to utilize all of your space without creating clutter.

Stagger greenery into bookshelves. 

Empty space on your bookshelf? Place a plant here and there to add some green to your setup. You’ll be surprised at the big difference a couple of plants can make.

Splurge on a statement piece.

Sometimes in a small space, all you really need is one big plant to set the vibes, making the most out of a boring, vacant corner.

Now you can bring all the vibes and benefits of greenery indoors despite the restrictions of having a small home. Your dream jungle awaits.