Purple Shamrock
Oxalis variety

This South American native will put your dancing skills to shame. Mariposa has three purple leaves at the end of each stem. Her foliage moves gracefully with the sun, resembling butterflies fluttering their delicate wings. Come night, Mariposa closes her leaves and her five-petaled flowers to rest up for tomorrow's dance.

Sunlight:Bright indirect light.

Water:Once a week when soil is nearly dry 2" down.

Pets:Toxic to pets if ingested in large amounts.

Size:SM: ~6-8" tall and a 4" pot. 

Growing Style:Grows outwards and bushy.

Pro-tip: If the plant becomes excessively droopy in the winter, you can slow waterings down to once a month and cut back foliage. Text us at 646-430-8699 for tips!