Organic Potting Mix + Lava Rocks Pack


It's the duo you never knew you needed. Our Organic Potting Mix + Lava Rocks Pack makes repotting a breeze, ensuring optimal nutrient absorption and aeration.

Available in packs of 2 (one bag each of Potting Mix and Lava Rocks) or 4 (two bags each). Each bag is two quarts (1.7L).

Organic Potting Mix
Formula includes composted forest humus, earthworm castings, sphagnum peat moss, and bat guano (a.k.a bat poop).

Lava Rocks
Protect your plants from root rot with our lava rocks, which absorb excess water and slowly release it back into the soil. Add a layer to the bottom of your planter, or mix into any potting mix for added absorbency.

Find repotting instructions at our blog post here and more tips on how to prevent root rot at our blog post here.