Gordita Ceramic Face Planter


Minimal yet cheeky, each clay 'Headplanter' is crafted entirely by hand, making each piece unique.

5.5" W x 3.9" H

Plant not included.Planter features a drainage hole.

Designed and made in Monterrey, Mexico.

Color: Terracotta

We recommend these planters for 4” plants. To repot, follow these steps:

1. Gently remove plant from nursery pot or existing planter.
2. Carefully rub off excess soil or any signs of rot from the root ball.
3. Pour a few inches of soil into the new planter and press down to create a firm bed.
4. Add more soil and create a divot wide enough to place your plant in. Make sure you have enough soil depth for the desired placement.
5. Gently push down around the edge of the plant as you add the rest of the soil. Make sure to leave about an inch of space between the top of the planter and soil.
6. Slowly and evenly pour a coffee cup’s worth of water (about 10-12 oz) around the roots. This will help settle the plant in its new home.
7. Party.

Planter is 4” tall and walls are half an inch thick. Diameter is 5.5". Weighs in at 2 pounds.