Cilantro 4-Pack


Coriandrum sativum

Most of the world refers to this herb as coriander or Chinese parsley. Due to genetics, 14% of the global population thinks this herb tastes like soap. But hey, give it go if you're looking for another way to add powerful antioxidants into your diet.

Sunlight:Direct light 6-8 hours/day (indoor) or partial shade (outdoor).

Water:Keep consistently moist and let water drain thoroughly.

Pets:Safe for pets. Go ahead and add some flavor to their meals too.

Grows:Harvest once plant is at least 3-4 inches tall.

Gifts:Everything's edible from the stems to the leaves.

Pro-tip: Cilantro tends to have a short life cycle. In order to maximize harvest throughout the season, plant new growth every 2 to 3 weeks and pinch back young leaves an inch to encourage growth.