The Airvengers


Assorted Air Plants

Comprised of the Earth's five mightiest and most available air plants, The Airvengers are a team that you simply can't go without. Led by none other than Captain Tillandsia, they fight the foes no single air plant can withstand such as Formaldehyde Man and Benzene-o-tron. You may never know which of the Airvengers you'll get to save the day, but you'll always get a reliable team of five.

Sunlight:Thrives in high indirect light and can tolerate periods of direct light.

Water:Soak once a week for 15 minutes.

Pets:So friendly.

Size:Varies in size, about 2-3" long and 1" wide.

Newbies:Have a so-called "black thumb"? Not after these guys.

Pro-tip: Dry upside down to prevent root rot. May flower on a consistent watering schedule and bright light.

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