The Airheads


Assorted Air Plants

This quintet is all about taking it easy. They prefer the simpler things in life: sunbathing, relaxing baths, and warm days. They have airy, light personalities and can be a bit slow...growing. The perfect addition to upgrade your #Shelfie game.

Contains: Tillandsia xerographica, Tillandsia brachycaulos abitda, Tillandsia bulbosa, Tillandsia Ioantha 'Guatemalan', and Tillandsia stricta.

*Tillandsia abdita has a floral tint which will fade overtime*

Sunlight:Thrives in bright indirect light and can tolerate short periods of direct light.

Water:Soak once a week for 15 minutes.

Pets:So friendly.

Size:Varies in size between 2-8".

Pro-tip: Dry upside down to prevent root rot. May flower on a consistent watering schedule and bright light.

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