First Aid Kit


Everything you need to troubleshoot your plant woes. Gnats? No problem. Pests? Not a chance. This kit is a one-stop shop to end all your plant troubles.

Neem Oil: The all-in-one remedy every plant owner should have. Deters pests and keeps plants healthy with its antifungal and antibacterial properties. Use topically or water your soil with it. 100% pure cold-pressed neem comes in a 2oz reusable glass bottle. Learn more about it and how to use it here.
Diatomaceous Earth: The natural gnat killer you’ve been dreaming of. Add a thin layer to the top of your soil to destroy fungus gnats. Comes in a 8oz pouch.
Activated Charcoal: Activated charcoal guards against root rot and other bacterial/fungal issues. Add this to your potting mix to keep soil purified and to absorb excess moisture. Comes in a 8oz pouch.
Rooting Powder: Aids in producing healthier, speedier propagations. Moisten the base of your cutting, dip the cut end into the powder, gently shake off any excess buildup, and plant into soil. Comes in a 4oz reusable glass squat jar.