DIY Succulent Garden in Ceramic Bowl

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Assorted Succulents

Building your own succulent garden is a fun and stress-relieving activity! Comes with a 20-pack of assorted succulent cuttings, two bags of Arid soil, and a white or grey ceramic bowl planter.

Cuttings are picked monthly by our growers and are easy to keep alive. Cutting sizes are generally ~1"-2" tall and wide. They are ready to pot and should grow roots within 4 weeks. Head to our Succulent Cutting Potting Guide for instructions.

When finished, place your garden in bright light.

Pro-tip: Succulent cuttings require more water while they are establishing roots. Once they are established, cut back waterings to once every two weeks.

  • No sweat
  • Direct sun
  • Toxic to pets
  • Every 2 weeks

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