Jewel Alocasia
Alocasia reversa

Reggie, one of the ultra rare four Alocasias, has an interesting story behind the name 'reversa'. They say that the person who gave the specific name to this plant felt that the color scheme of these leaves was the reverse of what other Alocasia leaves looked like and no other plant of this species had that. Considered a collector's plant, this stunner is the perfect gift for any plant enthusiast. Imported as plugs from Southeast Asia and further grown in the states.

Sunlight:Bright, indirect light.

Water:Once a week when soil is nearly dry 2" down.

Pets:Toxic to pets if ingested.

Size:SM: ~12-14" tall and a 4" pot.

Gifts:The perfect gift for the plant enthusiast in your life.

Pro-tip: Keep soil moist, but never soggy. They require less water during winter dormancy. Text us at 646-430-8699 for tips!