Gold Dust Croton
Codiaeum variegatum
SMS Subscriber Exclusive!

We told you signing up for our texts would be worth it. Meet Goldie, now available exclusively to SMS subscribers and at 25% off.

Her dark green leaves quite literally appear to be speckled in gold dust. When the light hits, these speckles brighten up in a display that resembles the night sky (if it were green). If you have Western or Southern exposure and have been looking to add a splash of color, she's the one for you.

Bright, indirect light. Can tolerate short periods of direct light.

SM: ~10" tall and a pot size of 4".

Pro-tip: Leaves turning green and lacking gold dust? Try placing it closer to the light source. Text us at 646-430-8699 for tips!

  • Pretty chill
  • Bright indirect light
  • Toxic to pets
  • Every week

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