Cilantro, 4-Pack

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Coriandrum sativum

Most of the world refers to this herb as coriander or Chinese parsley. Due to genetics, 14% of the global population thinks this herb tastes like soap. But hey, give it go if you're looking for another way to add powerful antioxidants into your diet. Plus, everything's edible from the stems to the leaves.

Direct light 6-8 hours/day (indoor) or partial shade (outdoor). Harvest once plant is at least 3-4 inches tall.

Pro-tip: Cilantro tends to have a short life cycle. In order to maximize harvest throughout the season, plant new growth every 2 to 3 weeks and pinch back young leaves an inch to encourage growth.

  • Pretty chill
  • Direct sun
  • Pet-friendly
  • Every week

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