Why We’re Reducing Service Areas This Winter

Our mission, from day one, has been to reconnect people to nature. Our thesis is that if we can share with you the joys and benefits of greenery, you’ll feel a stronger connection to nature. If you have a strong connection to nature, you’ll also take good care of the only world we have.

Deeply entrenched in this mission is a non-negotiable responsibility to build our products, services, and company at large in a sustainable manner. It’s why we use water-soluble cornstarch packing peanuts to ship planters. It’s why we don’t provide plastic packaging to our nursery partners. It’s why we email you care tips instead of printing cards for the box.

Prioritizing sustainability in our business has often translated into more expensive components, longer lead times, and tougher business decisions. This is not a complaint at all—this is how it should be done. But it’s important context for why we’re reducing service this winter.

Plants are hard to ship. They’re alive, fragile, and the soil makes it a bit messy. We’ve designed packaging to address all these factors, but there’s another factor that’s proven extremely difficult—cold weather. 

Vendors like UPS and USPS route packages through cold states, where they often sit in sparsely heated holding areas (if at all). This isn’t an issue, unless you're shipping plants. When temperatures in the box dip below 45°F, cells rupture, stems turn to mush, leaves blacken, and structural damage occurs.

Cheaper and less environmentally-friendly materials such as foam, bubble wrap, and padded foil could do the trick. However, in our search for more sustainable insulate, we’ve found that the unit costs of any viable option are financially untenable at the current moment for a small startup like ours.

Due to this, we are reducing service areas this winter to only ship to the following eight states: Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.

We are deeply frustrated that we cannot ship to those of you who live outside these regions. We know you have been loyal customers and staunch supporters since day one and are incredibly grateful. But, we’d be even more frustrated if you opened boxes to plants that looked like over-boiled spinach all winter long. If you live outside these states, please enter your email below. When we’re ready in spring 2020, we’ll be sure to let you know and include a little gift in your order!

If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas for us, please do not hesitate to reach out at hello@rooted.nyc. Thank you for your continued support and stay on the lookout for new products and services to come!

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Is this where I leave my email?

sad but hopeful January 08, 2020

Any chance you’re still shipping to DC?

Sasha Makohon-Moore January 06, 2020

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