COVID-19 Status Updates

The last few months have been a wild ride. Due to recent changes, we're working through some updates that we want to make you aware of. 

Summary: Due to increased demand and USPS guidance, orders may take an extra 3-6 business days to ship. Our retail store in Downtown Manhattan is closed indefinitely. Plants, traditionally sourced from greenhouses in New York, are being sourced and shipped from Southern California for now. 

UPS, USPS, and FedEx are holding packages in their facilities for longer than expected with little to no communication or transparency. We assume this is due to their own challenges during this time.

Our commitment to our 14-Day Guarantee remains, so please email us or text us at 646-430-8699 if any plants arrive damaged. We promise to take care of you. 

We're doing our best to continue providing greenery to everyone nationwide, especially during these times where everyone needs it most. We will continue updating this page to give you full transparency. Thank you as always for your support—we appreciate it so, so much.

Stay safe, stay well, and stay sane,



Full timeline:

Saturday, March 14th

For the safety and well-being of our teammates and customers, we closed doors to our retail store indefinitely. 

Thursday, March 19th

A member at our partner greenhouse in Long Island falls ill. New York State mandates all 'non-essential' business to close, including horticulture, so we are unable to source new product. We need to put e-commerce on pause due to both of these issues.

Tuesday, March 24th

New York State's Commissioner of Agriculture and Markets puts out guidance declaring horticulture an 'essential business'. Back in business! We can at least deliver new product to our retail store and bring e-commerce operations back online.

Wednesday, March 25th

Three more members at our partner greenhouse in Long Island fall ill. This location closes indefinitely and intensifies our search for other short and long-term options.

Monday, March 30th

All merchandise and supplies are now shipped from a team member's house in Brooklyn, NY.

Tuesday, March 31st

Governor Cuomo withdraws the March 24th horticulture guidance and designates food crops as the only farming deemed 'essential'.

Thursday, April 1st

Due to the instability in State guidelines, we establish a relationship with greenhouse partners located in Southern California who have secured 'essential business' certification. 

Monday, April 6th

We will continue shipping plants from Southern California until further guidance from officials and normalcy returns to our partner greenhouses in New York State. This means that plants will take 3-4 days longer to ship than usual for East Coast customers, and 3-4 days shorter than usual for West Coast customers. Customers located in-between will be largely unaffected.

Tuesday, April 14th

Due to high demand, plant orders will take an additional 3-5 business days to ship.

Friday, April 17th

USPS has alerted business that domestic services are experiencing delays. USPS. Priority Mail and First Class Package Services will likely see their two to three-day delivery windows extended to three or four days.


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HtIbwZzy December 06, 2020

I want to buy the Philodendron Gloriosa. How do I place the order. Also the Monstera. Please reply.
Thanks, Elaine

Elaine Vaizer June 01, 2020

Hi – I am trying to complete a purchase through your website and I am trying to put in a message at the gift card line on your form. When I hit “apply”, it gives me an error message. Am I missing something? What’s the trick on your gift message? Thanks.

Anna Maria Chavez April 09, 2020

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